William Graham McGeorge

William Graham McGeorge age 64 of London Ontario passed away peacefully at his home on December 24th, 2018.

A Poet,  Artist and  Life philosopher.

He will be missed.

A  Celebration of William’s life will be held at a date yet to be decided in the spring.

Please email [email protected] for information.

7 Comments on “William Graham McGeorge”

  1. Well I never got to tell you in person Graham… I faked it….yup …that time back when I was 16 and you thought you hypnotized me into coughing at the mention of a word…. sorry to tell you but every cough was …FAKE FAKE FAKE (*cough*) FAKE… Guess I’ll have to wait till I see you on the other side to tell you…. Thank you for educating me on the Beatles….. I thought I knew the band pretty well…. but you told me so much more and you had that awesome record collection. I never knew you as a grown man but somehow doubt you would have believed in ‘the other side’…. but I do…. and if I’m right … then you also believe it now. If I’m wrong…. well, I’ll never know, will I? 😉 You left us too early in our opinion Graham…but the way the universe seems to work…no doubt it was the exact right time…. Hope to see you when I cross over…. and I hope wherever you are ….you are enjoying the new journey your soul has embarked on. Here’s hoping we all just return to our original home….our real home… RIP old friend.

  2. I will miss our walks and all our talks. You were always my big brother. You always think there will be time for more. I love you Graham

  3. I enjoyed listening to all your stories wi’ll visiting my Nanny your Aunt Lorna, as a child. You were such a funny guy Graham and I hope your at peace and look forward to the many stories you have yet to tell!!! See you on the other side

  4. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you before you’re passing Graham I know we tried to hook up a couple times a year coming up the Angus and Base Borden so godspeed my friend and fly well from your lifetime friend Rick m i l s o n

  5. Always looked forward to bumping into Graham growing up. He was always doing something and very easy to talk to. We had some good rap sessions about assorted topics. He was a good man and a good conversationalist. I have not seen him in years but can say he probably carried that wherever he went. One of the good ones for sure.

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