Top tops for funeral shoppers

1. Research local funeral homes: Start by researching funeral homes in your area that offer the services you need. Look into their reviews, types of services they offer, prices, and location.
2. Ask questions: Once you have narrowed down your list, contact the funeral homes and ask any questions you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as what services they provide, what their charges are, and if they have any references they can provide.
3. Schedule a visit: Once you have found a potential funeral home, visit the facility and meet with the staff. Ask any remaining questions you have and get a feel for the atmosphere.
4. Discuss pricing: Find out what services and products the funeral home offers and the prices for them. Ask about payment plans and other options that may be available if you need assistance.
5. Consider all your options: Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best deal for you. Talk to friends and family, get online reviews and compare prices before making a final decision.