Tina Louise Deacon

After a long battle with cancer, and a struggle to fight till the end Tina Deacon aged 49, from Chatham, Ontario had lost her battle with cancer on February 9th, 2018. Tina had fought her battle with cancer since December 2015, when she had originally broken her hip from a tumour exploding while coming home from the grocery store. After a long visit and a full hip replacement, she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Due to complications with an early chemo regime, Tina had to get a second hip replacement in February 2016, while the other one was still healing causing more strain on the body and having a second procedure no one should have to go through twice. This one was successful, and Tina fought the cancer with a rigorous chemotherapy regime after the incision was fully healed to prevent risk for infections to occur. This chemo lasted for 6 months before remission. Remission lasted 3 days before the cancer came back in full force and had mutated, Tina being the strong women she was had went back to work because she had never wanted to have her family struggle and wanted to still contribute and go back to her “normal” life. Due to the mutations, the chemo needed to be started again immediately and a new treatment plan was underway. This treatment was more intensive then the last, but Tina never dwelled or got upset that the cancer was back, she just wanted to get better and take care of her family. After not seeing the results of the clinical trials that were conducted for Tina to try and give her, the best fighting chance she had to go in for a stem cell transplant, which was her best chance at a longer life and more time with her loved ones. It was essentially a new start for her body and a chance to live her “normal” life again after living with a terminal illness. Unfortunately, the Stem cell transplant that was performed in the summer of 2017 was unsuccessful as she had undetectably relapsed with the multiple myeloma in all parts of her body. As she started her last chemo regime she wanted to give her family and friends the best Christmas possible because she had feared that this was her last Christmas. So, she mercilessly worked to bake desserts, wrap presents, and cook a fantastic dinner for family as she made a great Christmas event that everyone could just enjoy and forget about the illness for a minute. She did this for her beloved children Nicole Deacon & Michael Deacon , grandchild Seirrah Deacon and husband John Trudell . Throughout her illness these were the people who mattered more to her and that she wished and wanted to keep taking care of because she was a loving mother, and loving wife and they were her everything. There will be a service and wake held for Tina at the family home on Saturday, February 17, 2018. It will commence from 2pm until 7pm. For more information contact the family for visitation requests, it will be an intimate ceremony for loved ones to grieve and reminisce the wonderful times they had with Tina. A special thank you to all the hospital staff that have fought to help Tina through her battle with cancer for the last two and a half years. Her mother Mary Gergiore and her sisters Sylvia king and Sharron Deacon will miss her very much and always be apart of her. Arthur deacon her brother truly misses her as well until we all meet again. We miss you Tina.

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  1. I knew Tina all my life because we live next door to each other, with a field separating us. That same field her parents owned a couple horses in to which I have many memories of with her. Tina had always been a force to be reckoned with, and I loved her; I will miss her dearly. I know that our friendship was a blessing in itself but this last couple years I learned a lot from her struggle. She constantly amazed me I mean constantly! Always smiling and never complaining never once did I hear her complain about her situation, even though I knew it was painful both physically and definitely emotionally. She taught me a whole different positivity in life! I will miss her dearly and the thought of her being gone will always bring a tear to my eye. In that moment I will take a step aside from my own life and pray for her loved ones. I will pray that her seeds of love laughter and joy begin to sprout up effectually in their lives. ..may blessings of peace come upon your family xo

  2. My deepest sympathy to the family and friends. I never had the pleasure to meet her but from what I’ve read, those who knew her were blessed with a good person through-and-through. May you take that overflowing care, love and inspiration she gave and let it carry you through all your days. May she rest easy. Hugs to you Nikki.

  3. Rest in Paradise. Such a beautiful sole. Had the pleasure to work with Tina at the paper. Her contagious laugh always brightened any day no matter how things were going. Deepest sympathies to the family.

  4. So sorry John, and family. May the love of those who surround you uphold you and give you reason to stay strong to keep going. Take a deep breath and know that we think of you and send our love. The Lord send His Holy Spirit to comfort you. Sincerely, Monica and Tom Tunks.

  5. I had the pleasure of working with Tina at Future Shop. Her smile and laugh are just 2 things I will always remember. She was an amazing lady who spoke with such love for her family. Tina you are no longer in pain for that I find some peace within my tears. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.

  6. Thoughts and prayers to the family while they go threw this terrible time Tina was such a good person she will be missed rip my friend

  7. With deepest thoughts sending my condolences in your time of loss. I can see how much
    Tina was loved by her and my granddaughter Sierrah she will be missed.
    May the good lord bless her soul.
    Rene Blondeel

    Febuary 17 2018 at 4:15pm

  8. With deepest thoughts sending my condolences in your time of loss. I can see how much
    Tina was loved by her and my granddaughter Sierrah she will be missed.
    May the good lord bless her soul.

  9. The world will miss her laugh and that special Tina smile. Condolences to the family in this time of such a loss. Tina was a special person with a heart of gold and always had a kind word for everyone she talked to. She will be missed for sure.
    Randy and Brenda Coote (Randy worked with Tina at the Chatham Daily News)

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