So What’s the Point?

So What’s the Point?

Are you crazy?!? Why would you possibly want to open a new funeral home in a town already over saturated with funeral homes? The sale of one funeral home, causing you to lose your job, leaving you with the option to move or commute is not the necessary catalyst to venture out into the entrepreneurial world. Job offers from existing funeral homes, or seizing the opportunity to continue with the existing company in another location would have been the safer choice. But James MacNeil likes living in Chatham, commuting doesn’t allow him to serve in a community he is invested in and he doesn’t always travel on the safe road.

James MacNeil, a frugal man, struggled for many years, within the confines of a highly traditional, corporately driven industry, to stay within the parameters of inflated overhead expenses and costs. He was unable to offer his client families the price point he would have liked to and the simplicity of services some families preferred.

The creation of Life Transitions has allowed James to create and control the cost of funeral services. He is able to offer Life Transitions families the dignity of choice regarding their service and the opportunity for fair price. Utilizing local businesses and venues also generates economic growth within Chatham and increases our sense of community.

Life Transitions is a work in progress and a dream fulfilled for James. Join us in this entrepreneurial adventure.

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