Sharon E. McDonald

With heavy hearts we announce the passing of Sharon E. McDonald on Tuesday June 29, 2021 at St Joseph’s Hospice with her daughter Kim by her side. Born in Sarnia 80 years ago. Daughter of the late Clifford and Gwendolyn Waite. Dear wife of Daniel E. McDonald for 61 years. Mother of Kim Patterson (Tim) of Corunna, Scott and Kazuyo Iga McDonald of Colwood, BC. Survived by grandchildren Amber McLachlan-Chalcraft (Joel), Julie McLachlan (Steve Peaslee), Ayla Ayaka Iga McDonald and Chris Patterson.  Sharon will be greatly missed by her great grandchildren Nolan and Marcus Chalcraft, Isabelle and  Summer Patterson, Steve and Mike Patterson and many nieces and nephews. Sharon will be remembered for her very political volunteer time working on many local campaigns.  She will also be remembered for her volunteer time at the Port Frank Fishing Derbies.  Those wishing to make a memorial donation in Sharon’s name are asked to please consider the Canadian Cancer Society and St Joseph’s Hospice in Sarnia.

Her family will be remembering her privately at a later date.

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  1. Rest in peace my friend. You won’t be forgotten. Sincerest condolences to all the family.

    1. Thank you auntie, she was larger than life to us; yet never wanted to be noticed. I grew up on stories of you both, ahem, “running the roads”. She had such fun with you and only regretted you both weren’t closer in distance. Thank you for you kindness towards her, and to our family.

  2. Rest in peace dear Sharon! For the short period I got to know you for my work for the Halifax Monument Muiden. During the past few years I have done much research on your uncle. It feels to me as if I lost a very close friend. I will always remember your kindness!

    I will miss you.

    David van Coolwijk
    The Netherlands.

    1. Dearest David,

      I don’t know where to start, you brought so many beautiful things into my mother’s life, especially near its end. She was always so excited when she spoke of you and you and your family, indeed all of Muiden kept him safe for over 75 years — and she couldn’t quite know why except to say, “You know Scott, they thought of those men as family who tried to rescue them. I feel deep in my heart that David is family, that’s how I think of him.

      You also granted one of her 2 last life requests. To reunite a sister with a brother. Mom was so scared to ask you what she did, and asked me what to do. I remember replying that whatever you answered, it would be the right answer but if she didn’t ask, there would be no answer or resolution to a worry in her heart.

      She was so grateful and proud that she fulfilled the last promise to her mother, at the time an impossible promise to complete. I have never been more proud of my mother, and I shall always be.

      We are heart broken right now, but mom will be forever tempered, as will your kindness. Thank you David, I grieve with thee.



  4. Loved Sharon. We go back along ways. Way before our Alvinston Days.
    She fought the good fight. We will meet again.

    1. Thank you Mary Jane. I don’t remember you before Alvinston, we were on Conrad Street then and I was only 3 years old, but I do remember thereafter — and those times were filled with laughter, and as mom would say, lots of yakking. I later years she would often tell me she was filled with the spirit through you ministering and an example to follow. It is comforting to know she had such good people in her life like you. Thank you for being so kind and for being my mother’s friend. She fought so hard, and I was worried she might be afraid do I reminded her of a favourite story, John 3:1-9, that she was also born in the Spirit, and everything is as it was meant to be…

      Should you meet her before I do, please tell her that I am Ok, and that I miss her.

  5. Rest In Peace beautiful soul. Kim my deepest condolences to you all at this sad time. Mom was an absolute pleasure to share moments with ♥️♥️♥️

  6. I am so sorry for your family’s loss.

    I had the immense pleasure of meeting Sharon when she was making arrangements for her mother. She became so interested in our cemetery that she joined our Board of Directors in 2013 and has remained with us until her passing. Sharon was passionate about the projects she worked on within the cemetery and truly loved to be involved. We had a standing joke in our office that she was our honorary “Salesperson of the Month” as she referred many of her friends to us and would often ask for promotional materials that she could hand out along the way. We very much enjoyed her frequent office visits. She was very supportive and always interested to hear our personal stories or share an email joke or happy story.

    For a tiny woman, who did not like the spotlight, she cast a large shadow and I will very much miss my friend.

  7. Such kind words Kelly, thank you.

    When mom joined your board, I was starting a new job, so we got to share our experiences, and I could tell she was excited to contribute and learn I was also a bit unnerved. “Mom!”, I exclaimed when she told me she had been accepted on the board, It a cemetery, there are dead people!”. With out missing a beat, she retorted that the dead need to be taken care of, and the living especially needed to be comforted and needed the peace and space a cemetery provides; besides aunt Claire used to take us here for picnics less crowded, very quiet too. (I know, right!? And my family thinks I’m not right in the head — at least I come by it honestly.) When she thought I thought she was done (she knew me so well, had every button I owned at her fingertips) she naturally brought it up close and uncomfortably personal, gleefully smiling as she matter of factly said, “And that means you too Scott, nobody lives forever Scott!” Mic drop!

    When I came home a year or so later, she was so excited to introduce me to you and her colleagues, and show me where she and dad were going to be interred, I kid you not. I should have known mom was setting me down up for yet another, it’s life Scott moment. We paid respects to my grandmother and then walked over and there were mom and dad’s stones, with-their names and birthdates. Mom could hardly breath, she was so pleased with my “Mom!” Read it again, slowly this time….and I walked into her trap. There carved into the polished granite was my name!

    This was my mom, frank, passionately, relentless, and with laughter. This is how she taught me, and if I didn’t learn the first time… So a few weeks ago when she called me to tell me “something important”, but understandably couldn’t quite get the words out, she said she needed to go to see grandmother, but that I wouldn’t need to pick her up this time (every time I visited Sarnia I would be sure to drop her off at the cemetery for board work and pick her up.) And I understood that my world was about to fall apart. I replied that it was OK, grandmother surely missed her.

    Six days later she left us.

    Thank you for you kindness to my mom kelly: She adored you, often told me that you were “smart as a whip”, related the respect and many kindnesses you showed her and found meaning in her responsibility as a board member. She felt satisfaction that she could contribute. She eschewed praise or recognition because it was a team effort, and she valued the fact that the board and work you all did snd continue to do was meaningful.

    She also considered you a friend, and a mentor.


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