Life Transitions Burial and Cremation Service Inc. Has been and continues to be honoured to serve the families of Ridgetown, Ontario.

The name of Ridgetown came from it being situated on a gravel ridge, a remnant of the glacier age. The families Marsh, Mitton, Watson, Scane and Colby were the first settlers. William “Daddy” Marsh, who was known for making up far-fetched stories, once said that at York (now Toronto) where they were from, he climbed up a tall tree, saw the ridge and the plentiful land and said that was the place to be.

Today, with 2,797 residents (2021 Canadian Census), Ridgetown proudly shares the outlying areas that produce major crops such as soybeans, corn, wheat, grains, and field vegetables.

The water supply is drawn from a number of deep wells around the town and is not connected to a piped system from a lake or river.