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Linda Lee Armstrong

Linda Lee Armstrong, passed peacefully in her 54th year at Chatham Kent Health Alliance on November 5, 2020.  Predeceased by her parents John Grant & Lillian Armstrong of Belleville Ontario. Mother of Sonia Weland, Ricky Chippett, and the late Jeff Hedger. 

No matter where you are in this world,

We laugh and dream under the same moon.

May you walk with the angels now,  And be in peace.


Those wishing to make a memorial donation in memory of Linda are encouraged to please consider The Canadian Mental Health Association. 

10 Comments on “Linda Lee Armstrong”

  1. I will always remember you for your best days Linda. Like the time we both had blue hair and you excitedly stopped me on the bridge to tell me we match. Or the time you came to our family reunion and took photos with us all. You were always so radiant even during your darkest times, even when you and others did not see through that. May you finally find some peace. Xoxo

    1. Gathering is happening at 7pm at Chucks Roadhouse who would like to come out and share stories or pictures of Linda.

  2. I am coming to find out so much about you Mom, its so wonderful getting to know all the things I never will have the chance. I know you had so much to offer the world, but just couldn’t find your way to the light. I heard you were a bubbly and happy person even a (chatty cathy) well I would love to say I must have got that from you. I will talk to anyone and everyone…. I haven’t seen you since I was about 5 year’s old. But I know you cared about me in so many way’s and tried to connect when given the chance to do so. When we last spoke I really wanted to help you, but I didn’t get the chance before you left with no contact.

    May you rest in peace now and no longer suffering – Sonia xoxo

  3. Rest in eternal peace Linda! My heart aches in your absence. You’ve made such a huge impact in my world and will forever be remembered. Our lives brought us to many places both good and bad but I’m so grateful to have had the pleasure of being your friend. It’s difficult to find people with such a truly kind and loving soul as yours and those who’s lives you’ve touched should consider themselves blessed. Never once have I questioned your loyalty or love. You have always proven to be solid and trustworthy and true. I adore you my friend! Regardless of how our days were going I could always count on you to make me smile. I have so many wonderful memories with you to help console me with your loss. I hope you are at peace! Wherever your soul may be, I’m confident you’re surrounded by love and laughter as you rock that guitar! This world is a better place because of you. Thank you for your unconditional love and friendship. I wish we could have shared many more years together! I love you forever my dear friend! Cheers! XOXO

  4. I will always miss you it going be hard living with out you near me I will be thinking of you every day minute by minute always love you

  5. Wow didn’t even know Linda passed away until a friend just told me today. Linda was remarkably when she wanted to be. She gave my son a guitar couple of years ago. She always had something to talk about rather if was about her or not. When she lived at my parents building years ago she was a delight person but soon after she got mixes up with drugs,liquor n the started to hang out with the wrong people n become different person. R.I.P Linda Armstrong…


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