Leonard Kirby

Leonard Duval Kirby born Sept 27-1952 –Aug 2-2019

Devoted husband to Robin V White-Kirby, proud father to Celeste Rebecca Kirby & Kirsten Lindsey Kirby. Grandfather to Logan Charles Dorian-Kirby, Godfather to Curtis Randolph & Thalia Randolph, uncle to many nieces and nephews. Leonard was a Spiritual man who helped where he could, taught what he could, and guided many to their full potential. Self- Employed as  Kirby’s Konstruction  Leonard was a talented contractor multi-faceted builder In Greater Toronto Area  for over 20+ years. Prior to venturing out on his own ,Leonard enjoyed his JOB as the  construction set designer manager for TDF Artists in Toronto.

AS President of the Trustee board of Randolph College of Preforming Arts In Toronto , he  was passionate about supporting his dear Friend and what the SCHOOL represented. HE loved seeing TALENT expressed. A Dive Master, and a well-travelled HOG Pilot. He LOVED riding with his BRO Friend EARL! He laughed with his whole body, loved with his whole heart and had a penchant for knowledge. He was proud of the people that surrounded him, and was greatly loved & respected. Nearing the end of his life the Chase family went above & beyond to help with his comfort and care. His legacy will live on with his surviving blood brother Kimberley Kirby currently residing in new Orleans and his many chosen heart brothers & sisters….you know who you are!

Donations made to Chatham-Kent Hospice in memory of Leonard D. Kirby will be appreciated.

We will all miss him and know that he is at PEACE!

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  1. You will be missed brother. That smile, that laugh, and the great stories you always had. I will miss our chats about motorcycles, music and life in general. Rest peacefully brother! From the Greene family to the Kirby family, our deepest condolences!

  2. Robin and Family

    We are so sad to hear of Leonard’s passing. We have known him for many years. Back in the day his parents and family would attend my Aunt Dorothy’s house in Detroit for regular dinners, I was always excited to hear that Leonard would be there. We send our condolences to you and the family.

    Pam Olbey
    John and Olive and Craig Olbey

  3. so sorry to hear Leonard’s passing such a nice gentle spirit was hoping to see him one more time . I will pray for the family and Leonard’s soul blessings Fran Baughman

  4. Leonard was such a wonderful soul. He always had wonderful stories to share with everyone. Leonard’s laughter and sense of humour will be missed. It was a pleasure to have known Leonard, he will be missed by all who were fortunate to cross his path. Blessings to Robin and family.

    Holly Mendez

  5. Always a ‘style master’. A visionary in design disciple with the knowledge of productive execution. When Leonard was involved~confidence accompanied the project. A humour to be remembered + a laugh I can hear Right Now!
    R.I.P. dear soul…memories are wonderful moments to recall; they shall ever be plentiful.

  6. My deepest condolences to you Robin and the entire family!! I remember oh so long ago the first time I met Leonard as he did some Reno on our home on Wardell st. I have tremendous amount of love and respect for you both. Very sad to hear this news. My heart goes out to you, your children and everyone affected. Such an amazing person with a big heart. Big hugs and much love!!!

  7. I am heart-broken that a close friend , a friend at work and at play, has passed away. He will always be in my thoughts. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  8. My thoughts and condolences to Robin Celeste & Kristen. Losing a Loved one is always sad. I hope you find Peace in your Hearts. Sincerely Rosemary White

  9. Dear Robin:
    Oh, how I have been thinking about you and girls these past few days and especially reminiscing back to happier times…
    When you excitedly came home dancing on cloud nine as you announced you had just met the most amazing man. When you learned you were expecting, just bursting with joy and excitement. When you got married on that perfect sunny day in May. When you were a young wife and mother, expertly juggling (and loving) all your new responsibilities. And always, sharing every moment with your beloved Leonard by your side. Your soulmate.
    Leonard was indeed an amazing man. I think anyone who had the privilege of knowing Leonard would unanimously agree to being hard-pressed to find a finer or more decent human being. He was kind, compassionate, insightful, intelligent and good-natured. And funny! He had such an infectious laugh! And how could I forget how handsome he was? Oh, those soulful, knowing eyes! But that wasn’t important to him. Treating everyone with respect and dignity was important to him. His family was important to him. No, correction…his family was everything to him. Leonard had an innate sense of what really mattered; He didn’t waste his time.
    Leonard’s passing came cruelly too soon; It’s so unfair. My heart aches for you and the girls, Robin. You shared such an unusually deep, enduring love and had a truly blessed life together. You never took each other for granted and revelled every single day in all that life had to offer.
    My sincerest condolences and sympathy to you, Celeste, Kirsten and your grandson (!) Logan.
    With love, Donna

  10. Dear Robin,

    The first time you and Leonard drove to the farm you got lost. Imagine.But you two did get here and I’ll always remember Leonard telling me to get out of the kitchen and to come and “enjoy” you two. Which we did, then and whenever we met after that. Leonard was such a gentle, charming, thoughtful man and most importantly he loved you and the girls. That connection will always be with you.

    With sympathy for you Celeste, Kirsten and Logan ( who I will meet one day) and much love,
    Alayne and Malcolm

  11. Our deepest condolences to the Kirby family. Very sorry to hear the news about cousin Leonard passing. May Gods love comfort you.
    Ralph and Janay Brown

  12. Dear Robin …. my sister Dena and I both responded thru The Windsor Star. Reading about Leonard again more carefully I saw this link.
    I’m responding here as well to make sure you know our thoughts are with you.

    I’d like to ad something that no friends in our circle, to my knowledge except possibly you knew ? I met Leonard before you officially started dating. We met by a school yard incident. I won’t say he saved my life, but my dignity and my looks. He was the only boy of colour at Patterson that came to my aid when being what we today call “bullying”. I remember that he was calm but rational when he approached the other boys who wanted to kick my butt for no other reason than being different. I knew right there he was GOOD people. I left that school, met you, then Leonard again …. and I knew when hearing that you had married, that you would be a challenge for him…LOL, but he would always be there for you as he was for me that one day. My real life Hero.

    This too shall pass.
    Love to you,
    Michael S. Koeser-Shreve

  13. Dear Robin,

    Our hearts go out to you and your family. We want you to know that we are with you in thought and wish you comfort and peace.

    Love you,
    Almeida, Carol Lee and Bob

  14. Dear Robin and family,
    We extend our sincere condolences at this difficult time, in the passing of Leonard. We pray that he is resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus where there is no more pain or sorrow. Sending a blanket of love to cover you all.

    Jesus whispers, Peace,

    Aunt Florence and Uncle Fred
    Victoria, BC

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