Gordon Hands

With deep sadness, we announce the passing of our Dear Gordon Keith Hands. Our hearts are heavy, but also uplifted as we know the Angels have taken Gord back to Heaven and he is in the Almighty Kingdom of God.
He lived a full and adventurous life of 85 years. Although nearing the end of his journey here on earth, he struggled with his health, he remained so loving and kind and gentle with his family and friends. Gordie just loved people so very much. He valued his family and friends above all. He was also quick to call strangers a friend and let them into his life. Always giving compliments and telling everyone how much he loved and appreciated their visits or time helping him.
Throughout Gord’s life he enjoyed travelling, truck driving, car rides, visiting family and friends, going out for coffee and lunch, horse racing, Checker Flag car races, farming, gardening, babysitting, joking around, feeding squirrels and birds, country and western music, and just relaxing watching T.V. He also made it to 5 generations of family!
Our life’s journey takes us through many changes and challenges as we grow. As a young boy Gordie was a rascal. As he grew into a man, he became strong and fiercely.  As he aged into an elderly man he softened and became more gentle and loving. He learned to stop and smell the roses and love people as much as you can. He surely cherished every moment of life.
Gord will be missed by so many!
Gordon Keith Hands, the son of late Willie Ray Hands and the late Velma (Gage) Hands.
Born December 6, 1934 – June 21st, 2020
Born in Euphemia Township, ON. Lived in Chatham, ON.
Pre-deceased by wife Patricia May Hall-Hands.
Gordon was a wonderful Brother of: Brother Raymond Hands, Pre-deceaced Sister Ila Dittmer and brother-in-law Harry Dittmer, Sister Mary Kubica and brother-in-law of the late Tony Kubica, Brother Percy Hands and sister-in-law Pat Hands.
Gordon was a loving Father of: Son Rocky Hands, Daughter Tami Hands, Daughter Debbie Gaudreau, Daughter Roxanne Deslippe,  Son Patrick Hall, Step-Father to Julie Hall, Toni Hall and so many more of the Hall Family children and grandchildren.
He loved his Grandchildren: Janssen Dehoop-Hands, Joshua Hands, Cathy Williams, Chris, Jay and Belinda Gaudreau, Ryan Hands, Keith and Brad Yonge-Hall, Lynn, Tommy Jr. and Shannon Deslippe. Also Danny Hall-Caza.
Several Great Nieces and Nephews and Great Grandchildren and Great Great Grandchildren.
Gord was also a wonderful Uncle to Tina and Neil Carrick and family, (Scott and Rebecca), Tony Kubica and family, (Sarah, Kari, Megan and husband Scott, Emily and Michael), Terry Kubica and family, (Samantha, Jessica and Rosanna), Natalie and Mike O-doherty and family, (Emily and Zach), Loretta Hands, George Hands and Great Nephew Kyle Dunford, Todd Dittmer, Tracy Dittmer and Great NieceTerri-Ann Dittmer and Denis Dittmer.
Other very special people in Gord’s life were: Helen Marentette (special long time friend and loved as a daughter), Elyse Beacom (long time dear friend) and daughter Janelle and family.  Special Goddaughter Megan Kubica-Soles), Len Page and wife Whinney, Cousin Violet Switzer-Allan, Marvel “Dot” Warwick (caring neighbour and friend), Chris Appleton and family (a very dear friend). Caring friends Branko and Anka Malesevic and family, and Georgette (neighbour). Also long time friend Glenny Wanchuk. Plus many more relatives and friends not mentioned.
Special Pet memories of dog Max, cat Angel, rabbit Teddy, monkey Toby.
Special Thanks to: Jeri and Tracy from FreeHelp-CK PFC. Also all the PSW Workers, Chatham Hospital Doctors and Nurses.
Thank you to everyone for being a part of Gord’s life journey!
 Celebration of Life, Wednesday, September 23- 2020
 Praise Fellowship Church
165 Park Ave East
Chatham, at  11:00 am
After Service, we are driving out to the Cemetery if anyone wants to come out there too.

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  1. I remember as a child, being at my Grams (Pat Hall) house. Gord was always so kind. He loved to joke and tease and make us kids laugh.
    He will be missed. Rest easy ❤

    1. Thank you so much Cheri for your sweet words about my Dad. He truly loved all you Grandkids!! Big Hugs. xoxo

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits with Gord and although I only knew him the last couple of years of his life, Gord was the kind of guy who made you feel like you had been a life long friend. I’m going to miss our chats over a coffee about politics, horse racing, his stories as a truck driver and what he cherished most, his family. I miss you my friend but I know you are in a better place. Rest well.

    1. My Dad sure did value your friendship Chris. He talked very highly of you and loved you like a son. You surely made a difference in his life and for that I will always remember you and value you as my friend too! Big Hugs to you.

  3. I knew Gord for many years, he was like a father to me. He was always so happy to hear from me and when l visited he gave me such a big hug. I remember many times when he lived in Windsor, in the summer l would pick him up and we would go get something to eat bring in to the river and eat on the picnic table. He would enjoy that so much and he was so appreciative.Then we always had bird seeds and peanuts to feed the birds and squirrels. I miss you Gord so much but l know you’re in a better place with no more pain. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and all his friends. RIP Gord always in our hearts and never forgotten.

    1. Helen you are such a great asset to our family. My Dad loved you as his daughter, as you know. You were always so generous with your time and love and loyalty to my Dad. He appreciated you very much. I know you will miss him dearly. Sending Big Hugs your way.

  4. Gord.. We had a lot of memories n up n downs like any other family. You lived along time n it is time for you to rest n be healthy again.. I know you are with your mom n sister Ila. I know you missed them so much. So Old Fart. You take care until we meet again

    1. Toni you meant a lot to him. You were his Step Daughter on paper, but a real daughter in his heart. I know he meant a lot to you too. It’s a sad time, but as you said, he is resting peacefully now. And I believe you are right, he is with his other loved ones now. Sending you Big Hugs.

  5. Many people know my Dad in such different ways. I know when he was a younger man, he was a little rough around the edges. He changed throughout his life and became a better person. Some people get worse as life goes on, but Gord became better, more gentle and loving and caring. I’m proud of the man he became. His heart definitely grew as he became an older man. Unfortunately his health issues slowed him right down. But he managed to live happily and appreciate life, even when he was pretty much confined to his chair. His spark for life never burned out, even till his last days. His light will always shine bright. He will be missed so very much. But I get comfort in knowing he is in Heaven and with all his other loved ones. I’m sure he’s healthy and running about like a young man again! Run a marathon Dad, you deserve it!! I know he’s only a prayer away. Lots of great memories that I will cherish for my lifetime. Thanks for being a wonderful part of my life Dad. Love you forever and ever. Your Daughter and Friend Always… Love You… Tami


    Gord was always a true friend . There when he needed a ride to horses. And there when you needed a good tip on a horse. His excitement was unmatched when it came to the horses. Last time I seen Gord he had a race program and short pencil working on a winner . As he always said. He was a life time friend and partner in adventure. If I ever needed a hand. I knew I could count on Gord. From Sault st Marie to the banks of the theme’s. GORD. WAS MY TRUE FRIEND

    1. Bill you and Dad were true friends and cousins. He told me many wonderful stories of all the adventures you all had together. And I was there the last time you saw him with his pencil in his hand. I’m so happy you two got to see each other that day. It was nice seeing you too. We will be having a Celebration of Life Service in a bit. I want you to come. Please take my phone number and call me so we can let you know when ok.
      Big Hugs to you. 416-435-3212
      P.S. Please call Violet sometime too. She really misses you. 519-679-7600

  7. Thanks Tami

    Dads not doing the best. But I will get him there come hell or high water. Were very sorry for your loss. He was a true uncle and friend. I loved him for being real. And not preaching a different song on Sundays. He lived what he preached. And for that alone I am greatly appreciative. Stories would be endless. From diapers too late 20.s. if you seen me . I was more then likely with Gord and up to something. Alot of great memories . They are all still fond memories. We fished and hunted and. i grew up a man because of Gord. And he found out my company was going great and I had went public. He called me not to borrow money or ask for a tip. But to invite me to lunch. HIS TREAT…….. Gord was alot of things. But to me he was my family and my mentor. And. I hold his memories close to my heart for ever. And a day I owe him everything I have become. 7 children and 12 grandchildren . All know him as my uncle Gordy . Even though we never were by society rules. I owe your dad a lot Tami. And please know he will never be forgotten . And ill tell his story till the day I meet him again . I’m honored to have been his nephew. Love you all

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comments Billy. You spent lots of time with Gordy. You all were very close. He told us many stories of you and your Dad and all the adventures you guys had. I’m glad you have good memories of him and glad he was a good part of your life! We will all miss him. I will let you know when we are having the Memoriam / Celebration of Life for him. It will be next month sometime in August. Please let me know how your Dad is doing. You said he’s not doing well. What is happening. You can text me at 416-435-3212. Bye for now. Sending Big Hugs.

  8. 226 788v0075 is my number
    We live in Mexico now. But will happily fly up for anything involving uncle gord

  9. Tami and family I am Lillian Gage granddaughter Kimmi Tim&Donna Fisher youngest my family was sincerely saddened hearing the passing of your dad Gord wanted to send our deepest sympathy and much love condolences. Our thoughts and prayers be with you all in honouring and remembering Gord for the love he had for his family and loved ones and friends… He will be missed and fondly remembered from us all… R I P ♥️ Another loved Angel watching over us

    1. Hi Kimmi girl. Thanks for your lovely comments. My Dad loved all of you and he had good memories of you all. I’m glad you have fond memories of him too. Big hugs and comforting prayers sent to you too. We will have a Memoriam / Celebration of Life sometime next month in August. I can let you know if you and/or your family want to attend ok. My Dad was blessed with such loving family members. Take Care… xo

  10. Gord était mon voisin depuis. Quelques années c était un très bon voisin toujours prêt à rendre service et avec le sourire et c est vrai qu il aimais beaucoup les écureuils mais bouquets sur le balcon en on souffres mais ça mettais de la vie je vais garder le souvenir de mon bon voisin il ne sera pas remplaçable à toute la famille mes plus sincères sympathies au revoir gord

  11. Hi Georgette. I translated your nice French message. Maybe it’s not exact in English but it was very sweet and nice comments. My Dad cared for you and you were a very nice neighbour. I also care for you and my family too. We will miss you too. But I will come by and visit you sometime. Sending you big hugs and talk to you soon. xo

  12. Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are having the Celebration of Life for Gord. Please see the details below.

    Gordon Hands
    Celebration of Life
    Where: Praise Fellowship Church
    165 Park Ave East
    Chatham, On

    Time: 11:00 am
    After Service, we are driving out to the Cemetery if anyone wants to come out there too.

    If anyone has any questions, please leave a comment here and I will answer when I check it.

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