If you decide cremation is the option you would like to pursue, we will arrange to meet with you to discuss the final arrangements. At the time of passing, we transport the deceased from place of death, whether it be home, hospital or nursing care facility. During this time, we will meet with the Coroner and City Hall to obtain permission from the province to proceed with cremation. While cremation is taking place, we assist you by providing the various resources required to be able to move forward after a loved one dies. This can include Funeral Service/Celebration of Life, Viewing/Visiting before cremation takes place, newspaper notifications and cemetery arrangements if they are required. It is a very simple process that allows you to focus on being with your family and paying tribute to your loved one the way you choose.

Staff & Administration Services

We meet with your family to discuss options and finalize arrangements, arrange for cremation & assist in writing newspaper announcement (newspaper costs vary). We also arrange details with 3rd parties (e.g. care facility, doctors, coroners etc.).


We prepare documents for signatures required to comply with the Vital Statistics, Coroner’s and Cemeteries Acts, obtain Medical Certificate and Coroner’s Cremation Certificate; Register the death and obtain Burial Permit; provide five (5) Proof of Death Certificates (additional Certificates are $5.00 each)

Sheltering Remains

We use our available facilities to shelter and place the deceased into container or casket.

Transportation Services

Transportation costs include staff and transportation for the deceased from place of death to the crematorium. This also allows for staff transportation to the Coroner’s office and City Hall for registration. For transfers outside of 50 kms of Chatham-Kent, there is an additional charge of $1.75/km (return).


GBCS Pressboard/Corrugated Container (required by law)


Crematorium, Coroner’s Fee, Municipal Death Registration Fee

Service, merchandise and disbursements fees are subject to change. Please call us for additional information.