So What’s the Point?

So What’s the Point? Are you crazy?!? Why would you possibly want to open a new funeral home in a town already over saturated with funeral homes? The sale of one funeral home, causing you to lose your job, leaving you with the option to move or commute is not the necessary catalyst to venture out into the entrepreneurial world. … Read More

The Funeral Business is a Difficult One

The Funeral Business is a difficult one. We joke with each other here at Life Transitions that we don’t pray for people to die but we do pray that they call us when they do. As a family we pray for our business and for our client families. Our children pray for our business, their friends pray for our business … Read More

Cremation – Did You Know?

Life Transition - Cremation in Chatham-Kent

Cremation has been used for thousands of years, and in many different cultures. For example, in England and Japan, cremation is the most widely practiced burial method. More Canadians are choosing cremation every year, for a variety of reasons.  An elaborate burial isn’t everyone’s preference. For some, a simple approach like cremation offers a meaningful expression of how they would … Read More